Consultation service

Problems encountered during use:

Please contact the online customer service of the store where you purchased the product for online help

Return service

7 days no reason return / 15 days exchange

Please ensure that the appearance of the product is not damaged and the accessories are not missing. From the date of receipt of the product, you can apply for return within 7 days with the purchase order number on the sales platform, and apply for replacement within 15 days

Warranty service

Enjoy 1 year warranty from the date of purchase

The following conditions are not covered by the warranty

1. Appearance damage, part damage, and abnormal function caused by man-made;
2. Product barcode or screw protection label is damaged;
3. There are traces of self-dismantling

Maintenance service

Product failure, unavailability, etc.

Please contact the store customer service of the product you purchased first. If the customer service judges that it is a hardware problem, Flydigi will provide maintenance services. For the products out of the warranty period or out of the warranty scope, the user need bear the necessary maintenance costs and logistics costs.