Flydigi Lab Patented Technology

Focus on the research and development of black technology for mobile game operation and explore various hidden powers in the game with many players

  • 2019

    Foxspeed™ low latency Technology

    Accept quickly, bring lower delay performance than Airpods

    Exclusively for players to provide Foxspeed™ ultimate low latency game mode,
    The superior algorithm compressed the data processing efficiency to 0.05s,
    The full link delay from cell phone sound to earphone sound is as low as 0.15s

  • 2018

    Flashplay™ Technology

    Complete all the connection and management steps in one single tap

    2018 Red Dot Design Award Winner.
    Ultimate console control for mobile gaming.
    Can be compatible with Android, Tablet, TV Box, PC, Win 7, 8, 10

  • 2018

    CapAir Mapping Patented CapAir Mapping Technology

    Just plug in and play, physical connection easily to use

    Unique Flydigi-Patent CapAir Mapping™ technology.
    No connection required, supports original App Store games.
    Half touching, half gamepad, keep the original feeling of touching screen.

  • 2014

    Six-Axis Gyroscope Body Sensing Technology

    Built-in six-axis gyroscope body sensing technology.
    The sensitivity is far better than mobile phone gyroscope.

    Motion Sensing: built-in six-axis gyroscope body sensing technology and the sensitivity is for better precise operation on speed, position, and accurate control, rapid start and stop motion.

  • 2013

    Flymapping™ Button Cloud Mapping Technology

    Configuration layout will be automatically backed up to the cloud after sign in, multi-devices sharing supported.

    Flymapping™ button cloud mapping technology has been continuously upgraded for 5 years,
    Turning the handle buttons into analog screen touch points, which can control any mobile game.
    Rich button properties, up to 120 frames frame rate, as low as 6ms non-inductive delay.

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